Words related to -ment

availment (n.)

"successful issue; fact of being effective," 1690s, from avail (v.) + -ment.

bafflement (n.)

"state of being baffled," 1841, from baffle (v.) + -ment.

banishment (n.)

"act of banishing; state of being banished," c. 1500, from banish + -ment. Earlier was banishing (mid-15c.).

basement (n.)

"lowest story of a building, wholly or partly underground," 1730, from base (v.) + -ment.

bedevilment (n.)

"state of bewildering or vexatious disorder or confusion, "1825, from bedevil + -ment.

bemusement (n.)

"state of confusion or stupefaction," 1881, from bemuse + -ment.

bereavement (n.)

"grievous loss," especially the death of a friend or close relation, 1731, from bereave + -ment.

bewilderment (n.)

1789, "state or condition of being bewildered," from bewilder + -ment; the meaning "thing or situation which bewilders" is from 1840.

blandishment (n.)

"flattering speech," 1590s, from blandish + -ment. The sense of "that which pleases, allurement" (often blandishments) is from 1590s.

bombardment (n.)

"continuous attack with shot and shell," 1702, from bombard (v.) + -ment.

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