Words related to -ment

harassment (n.)

"action of harassing; state of being harassed," 1753, from harass + -ment.

impalement (n.)

1590s, "act of enclosing with stakes," from impale (v.) + -ment, perhaps on model of French empalement; formerly in English it often was spelled empalement. In reference to the method of torture/punishment from 1620s.

impingement (n.)

1670s, "act of impinging;" see impinge + -ment.

impoundment (n.)

1660s; see impound + -ment. Earlier in the same sense were impoundage (1610s), impounding (1550s).

impoverishment (n.)

1550s, from Anglo-French empoverissement, from empoverir; see impoverish + -ment.

impressment (n.)

1796, "act of impressing into public service or use," from impress (v.2) + -ment.

inditement (n.)

1560s, "action of writing prose or verse," from indite + -ment. Perhaps modeled on French enditement (12c.).

inducement (n.)

1590s, "that which induces," from induce + -ment.

infringement (n.)

"a break or breach" (of a contract, right, etc.), from infringe + -ment. Earlier in a now-obsolete sense of "contradiction" (1590s).

installment (n.2)

also instalment, 1580s, "induction into office, act of installing," from install + -ment.

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