Words related to -ive

creative (adj.)

1670s, "having the quality or function of creating," from create + -ive. Of literature and art, "imaginative," from 1816, in Wordsworth. Creative writing is attested by 1848. Related: Creatively.

cumulative (adj.)

c. 1600, "formed by adding to, increasing inorganically" (a sense now obsolete), from Latin cumulatus, past participle of cumulare "to heap," from cumulus "heap" (from suffixed form of PIE root *keue- "to swell") + -ive. Meaning "increasing by successive additions" is from 1640s (implied in cumulatively).

debilitative (adj.)

"tending to render weak or infirm," 1680s, with -ive + Latin debilitat-, stem of debilis "lame, disabled, crippled," figuratively "weak, helpless," from de "from, away" (see de-) + -bilis "strength," from PIE root *bel-"strong" (see Bolshevik). 

degenerative (adj.)

"tending to degenerate," 1846; see degenerate + -ive.

delusive (adj.)

"causing delusion, deceptive," c. 1600; see delusion + -ive. Related: Delusively; delusiveness.

denotative (adj.)

"having power to denote," 1610s, from Latin denotat-, past-participle stem of denotare (see denote) + -ive. Related: Denotatively.

depletive (adj.)

"tending to deplete; characterized by depleting," 1799; see deplete + -ive. Related: Depletively; depletiveness.

depreciative (adj.)

"tending to undervalue," 1816; see depreciate + -ive. Related: Depreciatively.

depressive (adj.)

"able or tending to depress," 1610s, from Latin depress-, past-participle stem of deprimere (see depress) + -ive. In psychology, from 1905. Related: Depressiveness.

derisive (adj.)

1620s, "expressing or characterized by derision," with -ive + Latin deris-, past participle stem of deridere "to ridicule," from de "down" (see de-) + ridere "to laugh" (see risible). Meaning "ridiculous, causing derision" is from 1896. Related: Derisively; derisiveness.

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