Words related to -ive

concussive (adj.)

1570s, "agitating, shocking, of the nature of or pertaining to concussion," from concuss-, past-participle stem of Latin concutere (see concussion) + -ive.

conducive (adj.)

"having the quality of promoting or furthering," 1640s, from conduce + -ive. Related: Conduciveness.

conductive (adj.)

1520s, "having the power or property of leading" (a sense now obsolete), from conduct (v.) + -ive. Physics sense, "resulting from or pertaining to conduction," is from 1840. Related: Conductivity (1837).

congestive (adj.)

"pertaining to or causing congestion," 1817, from congest + -ive. Congestive heart failure is recorded from 1928.

connective (adj.)

"having the power of connecting, serving to connect," 1650s, from connect + -ive (if from Latin, it likely would have been *connexive). Connective tissue is from 1839.

consumptive (adj.)

early 15c., "wasteful, destructive," also with reference to pulmonary consumption, from Latin consumpt-, stem of consumere (see consume) + -ive. As a noun, attested from late 14c., "medicine that reduces or eliminates" (morbid humors or tissues); from 1660s as "one who suffers from consumption."


1891 (n.) "a contraceptive device or drug;" 1915 (adj.) "pertaining to contraception; preventing conception," from stem of contraception + -ive.

contrapositive (adj.)

"produced by or pertaining to contraposition," 1858 (implied in contrapositively), from Latin contraposit-, past-participle stem of contraponere (see contraposition) + -ive.

contusive (adj.)

"apt to cause a contusion, bruising," 1798, from Latin contus-, past participle stem of contundere "to beat, bruise, grind, crush, break to pieces" (see contusion) + -ive.

cooperative (adj.)

also co-operative, "operating or striving jointly for the attaining of certain ends," c. 1600, from Late Latin cooperat-, past participle stem of cooperari "to work together" (see cooperation) + -ive. Political economy sense is from 1808, from the pre-Marx communist movement. The noun meaning "a cooperative store" is from 1883; meaning "a cooperative society" is from 1921.

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