Words related to -ive

associative (adj.)
"resulting from association," 1804, from associate (v.) + -ive.
assumptive (adj.)
early 15c., from Mwdieval Latin assumptivus, from assumpt-, past participle stem of assumere/adsumere "take up, take to oneself" (see assume) + -ive. Oldest sense in English is medical, of bloodletting, "withdrawing humours from opposite parts of the body."
coercive (adj.)

"having powers to coerce," c. 1600, from coerce + -ive. Form coercitive (attested from 1630s) is more true to Latin but less frequent in use.

cognitive (adv.)

1580s, "pertaining to cognition," with -ive + Latin cognit-, past participle stem of cognoscere "to get to know, recognize," from assimilated form of com "together" (see co-) + gnoscere "to know" (from PIE root *gno- "to know").

Taken over by psychologists and sociologists after c. 1940. Cognitive dissonance "psychological distress cause by holding contradictory beliefs or values" (1957) apparently was coined by U.S. social psychologist Leon Festinger, who developed the concept. Related: Cognitively.

cohesive (adj.)

"of or causing the quality of adhering together; capable of sticking," 1730, with -ive + Latin cohaes-, past participle stem of cohaerere "to cleave together," in transferred use, "be coherent or consistent," from assimilated form of com "together" (see co-) + haerere "to adhere, stick" (see hesitation). Related: Cohesively; cohesiveness.

collusive (adj.)

"fraudulently or secretly done between two or more," 1670s, from Latin collus-, past participle stem of colludere (see collude) + -ive. Related: Collusively; collusiveness. Alternative adjective collusory (from Late Latin collusorius) is attested from 1706.

combative (adj.)

"pugnacious, disposed to fight," 1819, from combat (v.) + -ive. In 1820s-30s, much associated with phrenology. Related: Combatively; combativeness (1815).

commemorative (adj.)

"serving or intended for commemoration," 1610s, from commemorate + -ive. As a noun meaning "means of commemoration" it is recorded from 1630s; as short for commemorative postage stamp from 1916.

competitive (adj.)

1826, "pertaining to or involving competition," from Latin competit-, past participle stem of competere (see compete) + -ive. Meaning "eager to compete, aggressive, ambitious" is by 1977. Related: Competitively; competitiveness.

conative (adj.)

"relation to conation, endeavoring, exertive," 1836, from Latin conat-, past participle stem of conari "to endeavor, to try" (see conation) + -ive.

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