Words related to -ive

suggestive (adj.)
1630s, "conveying a hint," from suggest + -ive. From 1888 specifically as a faintly euphemistic reference to proposals of indecent behavior. Related: Suggestively; suggestiveness.
summative (adj.)
1836, from Modern Latin summat-, stem of summatus (see summation) + -ive.
supportive (adj.)
1590s, from support (v.) + -ive. Called "rare" in OED 1st edition and Century Dictionary. Related: Supportively; supportiveness.
transformative (adj.)
1660s, from Latin transformatus, past participle of transformare (see transform) + -ive.
transgressive (adj.)
1640s, "inclined to transgress," from transgress + -ive. Related: Transgressively.
tussive (adj.)
"pertaining to cough," 1857, from Latin tussis "a cough," of unknown origin, + -ive.
vindictive (adj.)
1610s, "vengeful," from Latin vindicta "revenge" (see vindication) + -ive; or perhaps a shortening of vindicative based on the Latin word. From 1620s as "punitive, retributive," rather than personally vengeful or deliberately cruel. Related: Vindictively.
violative (adj.)
"tending to or causing violation," 1765, from violate + -ive.
vituperative (adj.)
1727, from vituperate + -ive. Related: Vituperatively.

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