Words related to -ive

retrospective (adj.)

"directed to or concerned with times past," 1660s, from retrospect + -ive. As a noun, by 1964, short for retrospective exhibition (1908), etc., one showing the development of the work over time. Related: Retrospectively.

seclusive (adj.)

"disposed to shut out, inclined to dwell apart," 1743, from seclus-, past-participle stem of Latin secludere "to shut off, confine" (see seclude) + -ive. Related: Seclusively; seclusiveness.

secretive (adj.)

"inclined to secrecy, tending to keep secret," 1815 (implied in secretiveness, which originally was a word in phrenology);  see secret (n.) + -ive. The word also was in Middle English (secretife) with the meaning "secret, hidden" (mid-15c.). Related: Secretively.

seductive (adj.)

"tending to lead aside or astray; alluring, enticing," 1740, from Latin seduct-, past-participle stem of seducere "lead away, lead aside or astray" (see seduce) + -ive. Related: Seductively; seductiveness. Middle English had seducious "deceitful, devious" (mid-15c.).

selective (adj.)

"of, pertaining to, or characterized by selection;" hence "using that which is choice," 1620s; see select (adj.) + -ive. Related: Selectively; selectivity; selectiveness. Selective service as a military drafting system is from 1917, American English; hence selectee "person chosen for military duty" (by 1940).

sportive (adj.)
1580s, "frolicsome," from sport (n.) + -ive. Related: Sportively; sportiveness. Earlier was sportful (c. 1400).
suasive (adj.)

c. 1600, from French suasif, or else formed in English from Latin suasus (see suasion) + -ive. Related: Suasively; suasiveness.

submissive (adj.)
1580s, "inclined to submit, yielding to authority," from Latin submiss-, past participle stem of submittere (see submission) + -ive. Masochistic sexual sense is attested by 1969. As a noun in this sense, by 1985. Related: Submissively; submissiveness.
subversive (adj.)

1640s, from Latin subvers-, past-participle stem of subvertere "turn upside down, overturn, overthrow" (see subvert) + -ive. As a noun, attested from 1887. Related: Subversively; subversiveness.

suffusive (adj.)
1775; see suffuse + -ive. Related: Suffusively.

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