Words related to -itis

phlebitis (n.)

"inflammation of a vein," 1820, medical Latin, from phlebo- "vein" + -itis "inflammation."

poliomyelitis (n.)

1874, also polio-myelitis, coined by German physician Adolph Kussmaul (1822-1902) from Greek polios "grey" (from PIE root *pel- (1) "pale") + myelos "marrow" (a word of unknown origin) + -itis "inflammation." So called because the gray matter in the spinal cord is inflamed, which causes paralysis. The earlier name was infantile paralysis (1843).

In many respects, also, this affection resembles the acute spinal paralysis of infancy, which, from the researches of Charcot, Joffroy, and others, have been shown pathologically to be an acute myelitis of the anterior cornua. Hence, for these forms of paralysis, Professor Kussmaul suggests the name of 'poliomyelitis anterior.' [London Medical Record, Dec. 9, 1874]

Polioencephalitis (also poliencephalitis) "inflammation of the gray matter of the brain" is by 1885.

prostatitis (n.)

"inflammation of the prostate gland," 1839 (by 1834 in German), from prostate + -itis "inflammation."

retinitis (n.)

"inflammation of the retina," 1821, from retina + -itis "inflammation." Retinitis pigmentosa is attested by 1856.

rhinitis (n.)

"inflammation of the nose," especially the mucous membrane, 1829, medical Latin, from rhino- "nose" + -itis "inflammation."

sinusitis (n.)
"inflammation of the sinuses," 1896; see sinus + -itis "inflammation."
spondylitis (n.)
"inflammation of the vertebrae," 1837, Modern Latin, from Latin spondylus, from Greek spondylos (see spondylo-) + -itis "inflammation."
stomatitis (n.)
"inflammation of the interior of the mouth," 1859, from Greek stomato- (befdore vowels stomat-), combining form from stem of stoma "mouth" (see stoma) + -itis "inflammation."
tendinitis (n.)
1900, from Medieval Latin tendinis, genitive of tendo (see tendon) + -itis "inflammation."
tonsillitis (n.)
also tonsilitis, "inflammation of the tonsils," 1801, from combining form of tonsil + -itis "inflammation."

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