Words related to -itis

meningitis (n.)

"inflammation of the membranes of the brain or spinal cord," 1825, coined from Modern Latin meninga, from Greek meninx (genitive meningos) "membrane," in medical Latin especially that of the brain (see member) + -itis "inflammation." Related: Meningitic.

mesenteritis (n.)

"inflammation of the mesentery," 1772; see mesentery + -itis "inflammation."

nephritis (n.)

"inflammation of the kidneys," 1570s, from Late Latin nephritis, from Greek nephritis "disease of the kidneys," from nephros "kidney" (see nephro-) + -itis "inflammation." The earlier word was nefresis (late 14c.), and nefretik (modern nephritic) "affected by a disease of the kidneys" (from Medieval Latin nephreticus) also is from late 14c.

neuritis (n.)
"inflammation of a nerve or nerves," 1825, from Greek neuron "nerve" (see neuro-) + -itis "inflammation." Related: Neuritic.
osteitis (n.)

"inflammation of bone," by 1825; see osteo- "bone" + -itis "inflammation." Related: Osteitic.

pancreatitis (n.)

"inflammation of the pancreas," 1824 (Dr. George Pearson Dawson), medical Latin, from combining form of pancreas + -itis "inflammation." Related: Pancreatitic.

pericarditis (n.)

"inflammation of the pericardium," 1799, from pericardium + -itis "inflammation."

periodontitis (n.)

"periodontal disorder," 1842; see periodontal + -itis "inflammation;" though in this case inflammation often is not a feature of the disease.

peritonitis (n.)

"inflammation of the peritoneum," 1776, medical Latin, coined c. 1750 by French pathologist François-Boissier de la Croix de Sauvages (1706-1767) from Greek peritonos (from peritonaion; see peritoneum) + -itis "inflammation."

pharyngitis (n.)

"inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx," 1824, from stem of pharynx + -itis "inflammation."

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