Words related to -itis

arthritis (n.)
"inflammation of a joint," 1540s, from medical Latin arthritis, from Greek (nosos) arthritis "(disease) of the joints," from arthritis, fem. of arthrites (adj.) "pertaining to joints" (Greek nosos is a fem. noun), from arthron "a joint," from PIE root *ar- "to fit together." The older noun form was arthetica (late 14c.).
appendicitis (n.)
"inflammation of the vermiform appendix," 1886, from Latin stem of appendix, in the medical sense, + -itis "inflammation."
bronchitis (n.)
"inflammation of the bronchial membrane," coined in Modern Latin 1808 by Charles Bedham, from bronchia "the bronchial tubes" (see bronchia) + -itis "inflammation."
bursitis (n.)
"inflammation of a bursa," 1834; see bursa + -itis.
cellulitis (n.)

"inflammation of the cellular tissue," 1832, from Latin cellula, diminutive of cella "cell" (see cell) + -itis "inflammation."

cholecystitis (n.)

"inflammation of the gall bladder," 1846, from cholecyst "gall bladder" + -itis "inflammation."

colitis (n.)

"inflammation of the mucous membrane of the colon," 1860, from combining form of colon (n.2) + -itis "inflammation."

conjunctivitis (n.)

"inflammation of the conjunctiva," 1821, from conjunctiva + -itis "inflammation."

cystitis (n.)

"inflammation of the bladder," 1774, from cyst + -itis "inflammation."

dermatitis (n.)

"inflammation of the skin," 1851; see dermat- + -itis "inflammation."