Words related to -ion


the end of some nouns of action; see -ate + -ion.

automation (n.)

1948, in the manufacturing sense, "the large-scale use of automatic equipment in production," coined by Ford Motor Co. Vice President Delmar S. Harder, from automatic (adj.) + -ion. Earlier (1838) was automatism, which meant "quality of being automatic" in the classical sense.

circumnavigation (n.)

"act of sailing round," 1705, from circumnavigate + -ion.

exertion (n.)
1660s, "act of exerting," from exert + -ion. Meaning "vigorous action or effort" is from 1777.
fellation (n.)

1887, noun of action formed classically from the past-participle stem of Latin fellare "to suck" (see fellatio + -ion).

flocculation (n.)
"the union of small particles into granular aggregates," 1875, from flocculate + -ion.
indirection (n.)
"irregular means, deceitful action," 1590s, from indirect + -ion.
levitation (n.)
1660s, noun of action from Latin levitas "lightness" (see levitate) + -ion.
motivation (n.)

1873, "act or process of furnishing with an incentive or inducement to action;" see motivate + -ion. Perhaps borrowed from German, where motivation is attested by 1854. Psychological use, "inner or social stimulus for an action," is from 1904.

prospection (n.)

"act of looking forward or into the distance," 1660s; see prospect (n.) + -ion.