Words related to -escent

alkalescent (adj.)

"becoming or tending to become alkaline," 1732, from alkali + -escent. Related: Alkalescence.

word-forming element meaning "process or state of being," from Latin -escentia, from -escentem (see -escent).
fluorescent (adj.)
1853 (Stokes), from fluor- (see fluoro-) + -escent. Also see fluorescence. The electric fluorescent lamp was invented by Edison in 1896, but such lights were rare in homes before improved bulbs became available in the mid-1930s.
opalescent (adj.)

"having variegated and changing colors like those of an opal," 1810, from opal + -escent. Perhaps via French opalescent.

phosphorescent (adj.)

shining with a faint light or luminosity like that of phosphorus, luminous without sensible heat," "1766, from Modern Latin phosphorus (see phosphorus) + -escent. Related: Phosphorescently.

purpurescent (adj.)

"purplish, tinged with purple," 1890, in zoology, from Latin purpura (see purple (n.)) + -escent. The Latin adjective was purparescent, present participle of purpurascere "to become purple," from purpurare.