Words related to -eme

phoneme (n.)

"distinctive sound or group of sounds," 1889, from French phonème, from Greek phōnēma "a sound made, voice," from phōnein "to sound or speak," from phōnē "sound, voice" (from PIE root *bha- (2) "to speak, tell, say"). Related: Phonematic.

grapheme (n.)
1937, apparently coined by U.S. linguistics professor William Freeman Twaddell (1906-1982), from graph "letter, symbol" (see -graphy) + -eme "unit of language structure." Related: Graphemic.
prosodemic (adj.)

in linguistics, 1964, with -ic + prosodeme (1940), from Greek proso-, probably meant to be related to pros "toward, to, at, against, near" (see pros-)  + -eme.

seme (n.)

in linguistics, "a sing or symbol; the smallest unit of meaning," 1866, from Greek sēma "sign" (see semantic). Compare -eme, pheme.

taxeme (n.)
1933, from Greek taxis "order, arrangement" (see tactics) + -eme.