Words related to -cephalic


before vowels, cephal-, word-forming element meaning "head, skull, brain," Modern Latin combining form of Greek kephalē "head, uppermost or top part, source," from PIE *ghebh-el- (source also of Tocharian spal "head;" Old High German gebal "skull;" also, via the notion of "front," Gothic gibla, Old Norse gafl "side of a facade").

brachycephalic (adj.)

in ethnology, "short-headed," 1847; see brachy- + -cephalic. Denoting skulls at least 80 percent as wide as they are long (considered typical of Mongoloid peoples). Related: Brachycephalous; brachycephalism.

megacephalic (adj.)

"having an unusually large head," 1876; see mega- + -cephalic.

pachycephalic (adj.)

in zoology, "thick-headed," by 1862, from pachy- "thick, large" + -cephalic. Related: Pachycephalous (1890).