Words related to -ate

hydrate (v.)

1812 (implied in hydrated), "to form a hydrate, combine chemically with water," from hydrate (n.), perhaps modeled on French hydrater. From 1947 as "to restore moisture;" from Greek hydr-, stem of hydor "water" (from suffixed form of PIE root *wed- (1) "water; wet") + -ate (2). Related: Hydrating.

hydrogenate (v.)

"cause to combine with hydrogen," 1809, from hydrogen + -ate (2). Related: Hydrogenated; hydrogenation.

hyphenate (v.)

1881, from hyphen + -ate (2). The earlier verb was simply hyphen (1814). Related: Hyphenated; hyphenating. Hyphenated American "immigrant citizen perceived as having divided loyalties" is attested from 1889.

ideate (v.)

c. 1600, "imagine, form ideas," from idea + -ate (2). From 1862 as "to think." Related: Ideated; ideating.

indoctrinate (v.)

formerly also endoctrinate, 1620s, "to teach," formed as if from Latin (but there seems to have been no word *indoctrinare), perhaps modeled on French endoctriner or extended from earlier (now obsolete) verb indoctrine, endoctrine, "to instruct" (mid-15c.); see in- (2) "in" + doctrine + -ate (2)). Meaning "to imbue with an idea or opinion" first recorded 1832. Related: Indoctrinated; indoctrinating.

intubate (v.)

1610s, "to form into tubes," from in- (2) "in" + Latin tuba "tube" (see tuba) + -ate (2). Medical sense is from 1887. Related: Intubated. Intubation "act of inserting a tube" (into an orifice) is from 1885.

invalidate (v.)

"destroy the strength or validity of, render of no force or effect," 1640s, from invalid (adj.2) + -ate (2). Related: Invalidated; invalidating.

invigorate (v.)

1640s, from in- (2) + vigor (n.) + -ate (2). Earlier verb was envigor (1610s), from Old French envigorer. Related: Invigorated; invigorating.

levirate (n.)

custom by which the male next-of-kin of a dead man was bound to marry his widow, 1725, with -ate (2) + Latin levir "brother-in-law," from PIE *daiwer- "husband's brother" (source also of Greek daer, Sanskrit devara, Old English tacor, Old High German zeihhur). Related: Leviratic; leviratical.

mentholated (adj.)

of cigarettes, 1933, an advertiser's word, from menthol + -ate (2).

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