Words related to -ate

acidulate (v.)

"make somewhat sour, flavor with an acid," 1704 (implied in acidulated), from Latin acidulus "slightly sour" (see acidulous) + -ate (2). Related: Acidulating; acidulent.

activate (v.)

1620s, "make active, intensify;" see active + -ate (2). Meaning "put into action" is from 1902, originally in chemistry. Related: Activated; activating.

aerate (v.)

"cause to mix with carbonic acid or other gas," 1794 (implied in aerated), from aer/aër (used in old science for specific kinds of air, a sense later given to gas (n.1)), from Latin aer (see air (n.1)) + verbal suffix -ate (2). The meaning "expose to air" is from 1799, probably a back-formation from aeration. Related: Aerating.

asphyxiate (v.)

1818, "to suffocate" (someone or something), "produce asphyxia," from asphyxia in its transferred sense + -ate (2). Intransitive sense by 1882. Related: Asphyxiated; asphyxiating.

binate (adj.)

"double, growing in pairs," 1807, from Latin bini "two by two, twofold, two apiece" (see binary) + -ate (2). Used especially in botany.

calibrate (v.)

"determine the caliber of," 1839, verb formed from caliber + -ate (2). Also "determine the relative value of" different parts of an arbitrary scale (1869). Related: calibrated; calibrating.

capacitate (v.)

1650s, "make capable; furnish with legal powers," from Latin capacitas (see capacity) + -ate (2). Related: Capacitation.

cavitate (v.)

"to form cavities or bubbles (in a fluid)," 1892 (implied in cavitated), back-formation from cavitation or else formed from cavity + -ate (2) . Related: Cavitating.

chelate (adj.)

in zoology, "having pincer-like claws," 1826 as a term in zoology; 1920 in chemistry, from Modern Latin chela "claw" of a crab or lobster (from Greek khēlē "claw, talon, pincers, cloven hoof," a word of uncertain origin) + -ate (2). In chemistry from 1920. Related: Chelated; chelating; chelation.

chlorinate (v.)

"to combine or treat with chlorine," 1836 (implied in chlorinated), from chlorine (n.) + -ate (2). Related: Chlorinating.

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