Words related to -al

arbitral (adj.)

"pertaining to arbitration" (without the negative overtones of arbitrary), c. 1600; see arbiter + -al (1).

arboreal (adj.)

1660s, "pertaining to trees," from Latin arboreus "pertaining to trees," from arbor, arboris "tree" (see arbor (n.2)) + -al (1). From 1834 as "living in or among trees."

archetypal (adj.)

"of or pertaining to an archetype," 1640s; see archetype + -al (1). The Jungian sense is from 1923.

architectural (adj.)

"pertaining or relating to architecture or the art of building; according to the principles of architecture," 1759; see architecture + -al (1). Related: Architecturally.

archival (adj.)

"pertaining to or contained in public records," 1800; see archives + -al (1). Related: Archivally.

arithmetical (adj.)

"pertaining to or according to the rules of arithemetic," 1540s; see arithmetic + -al (1). In modern use, opposed to geometrical. Related: Arithmetically (late 15c.).

armorial (adj.)

1570s, "belonging to heraldry," from armory in the heraldic sense + -al (1).

aspirational (adj.)

"characterized by steadfast desire for a higher position," 1860, from aspiration (n.1) + -al (1). Earlier adjectives were aspirant "aspiring, ambitious" (1814); aspiring "animated by ardent desire" (1570s).

atrial (adj.)

by 1860 in the medical sense "pertaining to one of the atria of the heart," from atrium + -al (1).

attitudinal (adj.)

"pertaining to attitude," 1831; see attitude + -al (1), and compare -tude.

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