Words related to -al

aural (adj.)

1844, "pertaining to the ear," from Latin auris "the ear as the organ of hearing" (see ear (n.1)) + -al (1). The meaning "received or perceived by ear" is attested by 1860. Related: Aurally.

auroral (adj.)

1550s, "pertaining to dawn," from aurora + -al (1). The meaning "of the color of dawn" is from 1827; the meaning "of the aurora borealis" is from 1828.

authorial (adj.)

"pertaining to an author," by 1783, from author (n.) + -al (1).

axial (adj.)

"pertaining to or of the nature of an axis; situated in an axis" 1830, from axis + -al (1). Related: Axially.

bacterial (adj.)

"of or pertaining to bacteria," 1869, from bacteria + -al (1).

balneal (adj.)

"pertaining to baths," 1640s, with -al (1) + Latin balneum "bath," from Greek balaneion "warm bath, bathing room," which is of unknown origin. Balneography (1841) is the description of baths and medicinal springs.

baptismal (adj.)

"pertaining to baptism," 1640s, from baptism + -al (1). Related: Baptismally.

basal (adj.)

"relating to or situated at a base," 1826, from base (n.) + -al (1).

behavioral (adj.)

"pertaining to behavior," 1927, in psychology, from behavior + -al (1).

bicameral (adj.)

"having two chambers," 1832; see bi- "two" + Late Latin camera "chamber" (see camera) + -al (1).

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