Words related to -al

defrayal (n.)

"payment, act or fact of defraying," 1820; see defray + -al (2). An earlier verb was defrayment (1540s), from French défrayement (Old French deffraiment).

demurral (n.)

"action of demurring," 1810; see demur (v.) + -al (2).

denial (n.)

1520s, "refusal to grant what is requested or desired;" see deny + -al (2). Replaced earlier denyance (late 15c.). Sense of "act of asserting to the contrary, contradicting" is from 1570s; that of "refusal to accept or acknowledge" is from 1580s. In some 19c. uses, it really means "self-denial." Meaning "unconscious suppression of painful or embarrassing feelings" first attested 1914 in A.A. Brill's translation of Freud's "Psychopathology of Everyday Life"; hence the phrase in denial, popularized 1980s.

disapproval (n.)

"act or fact of disapproving, dislike," 1660s; see disapprove + -al (2), though it might as well be from dis- + approval.

disavowal (n.)

"denial, rejection, repudiation, action of refusing to acknowledge," 1748; see disavow + -al (2). An earlier word was disavowment (1630s).

dismissal (n.)

"act of dismissing; state or fact of being dismissed," by 1795, formed on model of refusal, etc., from dismiss + -al (2); replacing earlier dismission (1540s); dismissing (late 15c.).

dispersal (n.)

"dispersion," 1798; see disperse + -al (2).

disposal (n.)

1620s, "power to make use of, right to dispose of or control;" see dispose + -al (2). Meaning "a disposing" (of a daughter by marriage, of money by a will, of an estate by sale, etc.) is from 1650s; of waste material, from c. 1960, originally in medical use.

editorial (adj.)

1741, "pertaining to an editor;" see editor + -al (2). Noun meaning "newspaper article by an editor," is from 1830, American English, from the adjective in reference to such writings (1802). Related: Editorially.

factorial (n.)

1816, in mathematics, from factor + -al (2). As an adjective from 1837 in mathematics; from 1881 as "pertaining to a factor."

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