Words related to -al

vertebral (adj.)

1680s, from vertebra + -al (1).

vestigial (adj.)

1850, "like a mere trace of what has been," originally in biology, from vestige + -al (1).

viatic (adj.)

1650s, from Latin viaticus "of or pertaining to a journey," from via "way" (see via) + -al (1). Related: Viatical (1782).

viral (adj.)

"of the nature of, or caused by, a virus," 1944, see virus + -al (1). Sense of "become suddenly widely popular through internet sharing" is attested by 1999, originally in reference to marketing and based on the similarity of the effect to the spread of a computer virus. Related: Virally.

vocational (adj.)

1650s, from vocation + -al (1). Related: Vocationally.

xenial (adj.)

"pertaining to hospitality," 1834, from Greek xenia (see Xenia) + -al (1). Related: Xenially.

zodiacal (adj.)

1570s, from zodiac + -al (1).

accrual (n.)

"act or process of accruing," 1782, from accrue + -al (2). Compare accretion. Another older noun was accruement (c. 1600).

acquittal (n.)

early 15c., aquitaille, "payment of debt or retribution;" see acquit + -al (2). Sense of "a release from debt or obligation" is from mid-15c.; that of "freeing from charge or offense" (by legal process) is from 1530s.

appraisal (n.)

"setting of a price, valuation," by 1784, American English, from appraise + -al (2). The figurative sense of "act of appraising" (originally a term of literary criticism) is from 1817. Appraisement is earlier (1640s).

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