Words related to -al

bestowal (n.)
1773, from bestow + -al (2). Bestowment is from 1730.
betrothal (n.)
"act of betrothing," 1825, from betroth + -al (2). Earlier in same sense were betrothment (1580s), betrothing (14c.).
aldehyde (n.)

first oxidation product of alcohol, 1833, discovered in 1774 by German-born Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele, the name said to have been coined by German chemist Justus von Liebig from abbreviation of Modern Latin alcohol dehydrogenatum "dehydrogenated alcohol." Related: Aldehydic.

chloral (n.)

"colorless liquid formed by the action of chlorine on alcohol," apparently coined by German chemist Justus von Liebig in 1833 from elements from chlorine + alcohol. Later chiefly in chloral hydrate (1874).

accrual (n.)
"act or process of accruing," 1782, from accrue + -al (2). Compare accretion. Another older noun was accruement (c. 1600).
acquittal (n.)

early 15c., aquitaille, "payment of debt or retribution;" see acquit + -al (2). Sense of "a release from debt or obligation" is from mid-15c.; that of "freeing from charge or offense" (by legal process) is from 1530s.

appraisal (n.)

"setting of a price, valuation," by 1784, American English, from appraise + -al (2). The figurative sense of "act of appraising" (originally a term of literary criticism) is from 1817. Appraisement is earlier (1640s).

approval (n.)

"commendation, sanction," 1680s, from approve + -al (2). According to OED, "Rare bef. 1800; now generally used instead of" approvance, which is attested by 1590s, from French aprovance.

arousal (n.)
1827, "action of arousing, state of being awakened," from arouse + -al (2). Sexual association is from c. 1900.
avowal (n.)
"open declaration, frank acknowledgment," 1716, from avow + -al (2).