Words related to -age

wastage (n.)
1673, a hybrid from waste (v.) + -age.
wattage (n.)
1897, from watt + -age.
weightage (n.)
1893, from weight (n.) + -age.
windage (n.)
1710, "allowance of space between the projectile and the diameter of the tube of a firearm," from wind (n.1) + -age. Meaning "allowance for wind deflection" is from 1867.
wreckage (n.)
1814, "fact of being wrecked," from wreck (v.) + -age. Meaning "remains of a wrecked thing" is from 1832.
yardage (n.)
"aggregate number of yards," 1900 in sports, from yard (n.2) + -age.

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