Words related to -able

consolable (adj.)

"capable of receiving consolation," 1721; see console (v.) + -able. It seems to be mostly a dictionary word, perhaps a back-formation from inconsolable.

consumable (adj.)

"capable of being consumed, destructible," 1640s, from consume + -able.

controllable (adj.)

"capable of being checked or restrained," c. 1600, from control (v.) + -able.

correctable (adj.)

"able to be corrected," mid-15c., from correct (v.) + -able. Form correctible is attested by 1784. Related: Correctability.

countable (adj.)

"capable of being counted," 1580s, from count (v.) + -able. Earlier it meant "accountable" (late 15c.), but this is obsolete.

creditable (adj.)

1520s, "worthy of belief," from credit (v.) + -able. Meaning "reputable, bringing credit or honor" is from 1650s. Related: Creditably; creditability; creditableness.

curable (adj.)

"capable of being healed or cured," late 14c., a native formation from cure (v.) + -able, or else from Old French curable (13c.) and directly from Late Latin curabilis, from Latin curare. Related: Curably; curability; curableness.

cuttable (adj.)

"capable of being cut or removed," mid-15c., from cut (v.) + -able.

datable (adj.)

"capable of having a date affixed," 1837, from date (n.1) + -able.

decipherable (adj.)

"capable of being deciphered," c. 1600; see decipher + -able.

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