Words related to -able

climbable (adj.)

"capable of being ascended," 1610s, from climb (v.) + -able.

clubbable (adj.)

"having qualities that make one fit to be a member of a social club," 1783, from club (n.) + -able.

cognizable (adj.)

1670s, "capable of being known," also "liable to be tried in a given court or jurisdiction," from stem of cognizance (q.v.) + -able. Related: Cognizably; cognizability.

collapsable (adj.)

"capable of collapsing, made so as to collapse," 1843, from collapse (v.) + -able. Collapsible is more common in modern use.

colorable (adj.)

late 14c., "specious, giving a (false) appearance of being right to what is in fact unjustifiable," from color (n.) in the secondary sense "that which hides the real character of something" + -able.

come-at-able (adj.)

"capable of being approached, attainable," 1680s, from come + at + -able.

comfortable (adj.)

mid-14c., "affording mental or spiritual comfort," from Anglo-French and Old French confortable "comforting; pleasant, agreeable," from conforter "to comfort, solace" (see comfort (v.)); also see -able. Meaning "cheering, cheerful" is from c. 1400. Meaning "offering physical comfort" is attested from 1769; that of "in a state of tranquil enjoyment" is from 1770.

companionable (adj.)

"fitted for good fellowship, inclined to be agreeable," 1620s, from companion + -able. Middle English had compaignable "sociable, hospitable, kind, friendly" (late 14c.), from Old French. Related: Companionably; companionability.

conceivable (adj.)

"capable of being thought or supposed," mid-15c., from conceive + -able. Related: Conceivably; conceivability; conceivableness.

conformable (adj.)

late 15c., "corresponding in form or character, resembling," 1510s; see conform + -able. Meaning "compliant, ready to follow directions" is from 1520s. Related: Conformably; conformability.

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