Words related to -able

avoidable (adj.)
"capable of being avoided," mid-15c., from avoid + -able. Related: Avoidably.
bearable (adj.)
"endurable," mid-15c., from bear (v.) + -able. Related: Bearably.
beatable (adj.)
1610s, from beat (v.) + -able.
beddable (adj.)
"sexually attractive," 1941, from bed + -able.
believable (adj.)
late 14c., from believe + -able. Related: Believably.
bendable (adj.)
1610s, from bend (v.) + -able.
billable (adj.)
1570s, from bill (v.) + -able.
biodegradable (adj.)
also bio-degradable, "susceptible to decomposition by living organisms" (especially bacteria), 1962, from bio- + degrade + -able.
breakable (adj.)
"capable of being broken," 1560s, from break (v.) + -able. As a noun, breakables is attested from 1820.
breathable (adj.)
"that can be breathed," 1731, from breathe + -able.

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