Words related to -able

usable (adj.)
late 14c., from Old French usable "available, in use" (14c.), from user (see use (v.)). Not a common word before c. 1840, when probably it was re-formed from use (v.) + -able. Related: Usably.
valuable (adj.)
"of great value or price," 1580s, from value (v.) + -able. As a noun, "a valuable thing," from 1775 (in modern use often in plural). Related: Valuably.
verifiable (adj.)
1590s, from verify + -able. Related: Verifiably; verifiability.
viable (adj.)
1828, from French viable "capable of life" (1530s), from vie "life" (from Latin vita "life," from PIE root *gwei- "to live") + -able. Originally of newborn infants; generalized sense is first recorded 1848. Related: Viably.
voidable (adj.)
late 15c., from void (v.) + -able.
washable (adj.)
1620s, from wash (v.) + -able. Related: Washables (n.), 1892.
winnable (adj.)
1540s, from win (v.) + -able.
workable (adj.)
1540s, from work (v.) + -able. Related: Workably; workability.

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