Words related to -able

advisable (adj.)
1640s, "prudent, expedient," from advise (v.) + -able (q.v.). It also can mean "open to advice" (1660s), but this is rare.
affordable (adj.)
1804, "that can be spared;" 1853, "that can be paid for," from afford + -able. Related: Affordably (1969); affordability (1910).
alienable (adj.)

"that can be surrendered or given up," 1610s; from obsolete alien (v.), for which see alienate, + -able. Related: Alienability.

alterable (adj.)
1520s, from alter + -able or else from French altérable. Related: Alterably; alterability.
amendable (adj.)
1580s, "capable of correction or repair;" see amend + -able. Related: Amendability.
amusable (adj.)
1829 (from 1817 as a French word in English), from amuse (v.) + -able.
answerable (adj.)
"liable to be held responsible," 1540s, from answer (v.) in the "be responsible for" sense + -able. Less-common meaning "able to be answered" is from 1690s.
appeasable (adj.)
"capable of being calmed or pacified," 1540s; see appease + -able. Related: Appeasably.
applicable (adj.)
1650s, "capable of being applied, suitable, appropriate," from Latin stem of apply (v.) + -able. Earlier in this sense was appliable (mid-15c.), and applicable formerly meant "pliable, well-disposed" (1560s).
approachable (adj.)
1570s, "accessible," from approach (v.) + -able. Figurative sense, "affable, friendly," is from 1610s. Related: Approachably; approachability.

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