want (v.)

13世纪 ,"缺乏",来自古北欧语 vanta "缺乏、想要",更早的 *wanaton ,来自原日耳曼语 *wanen ,来自PIE *weno- ,是根 *eue- "离开、抛弃、放弃"的后缀形式。到1706年就有了"渴望、希望、感到需要"的意思。

want (n.)

13世纪,"deficiency, insufficiency, shortage",来自 want (v.)和古北欧语 vantvanr 的中性词"wanting, deficient";与古英语 wanian "to diminish"(见 wane )有关。意思是"匮乏、贫困的状态",记载于14世纪初,意思是"想要的东西,缺乏但需要的东西",记载于1560年代。短语 for want of 是15世纪的记录。报纸 want ad 是1897年的记录。中古英语有 wantsum (13世纪)"in want,deprived of",字面意思是"想要的东西"。

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Definitions of want from WordNet
want (v.)
feel or have a desire for; want strongly;
I want to go home now
I want my own room
Synonyms: desire
want (v.)
have need of;
This piano wants the attention of a competent tuner
Synonyms: need / require
want (v.)
hunt or look for; want for a particular reason;
Uncle Sam wants you
Your former neighbor is wanted by the FBI
want (v.)
wish or demand the presence of;
I want you here at noon!
want (v.)
be without, lack; be deficient in;
want courtesy
want the strength to go on living
flood victims wanting food and shelter
want (n.)
a state of extreme poverty;
Synonyms: privation / deprivation / neediness
want (n.)
the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable;
for want of a nail the shoe was lost
Synonyms: lack / deficiency
want (n.)
anything that is necessary but lacking;
I tried to supply his wants
Synonyms: need
want (n.)
a specific feeling of desire;
Synonyms: wish / wishing