trump (n.1)

"花色等级高于其他花色的扑克牌",1520年代,改 triumph (n.),这也是一种纸牌游戏的名称。

trump (n.2)

"小号",14世纪,源于古法语 trompe "长管状的吹奏乐器"(12世纪),与普罗旺斯 tromba ,意大利 tromba ,都可能来自日耳曼语源(比较古高德 trumpa ,古北欧 trumba "小号"),模仿起源。

trump (v.1)

"超越,击败",1580年代,来自 trump (n.)。相关链接: Trumped ; trumping

trump (v.2)

"编造,设计",1690年代,来自 trump "欺骗,欺骗"(1510年代),来自中古英语 trumpen (14世纪末),来自古法语 tromper "欺骗",来源不明。显然来自 se tromper de "嘲弄",来自古法语 tromper "吹喇叭"。Brachet解释为"吹喇叭,暗指庸医和登山者,他们通过吹喇叭吸引公众,然后欺骗他们购买...."。兴德利古法语词典把 baillier la trompe "吹喇叭"当作"装傻",而唐金则把它与 trombe "waterspout"联系起来,颇有把(某人)转过来的意思。也有人提出了与 triumph 的联系。相关: Trumped ; trumpingTrumped up "假的,编造的"最早记载于1728年。

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Definitions of trump from WordNet
trump (v.)
produce a sound as if from a trumpet;
trump (v.)
get the better of;
Synonyms: outdo / outflank / best / scoop
trump (v.)
play a trump;
Synonyms: ruff
trump (v.)
proclaim or announce with or as if with a fanfare;
Synonyms: trump out
trump (n.)
a playing card in the suit that has been declared trumps;
the ace of trumps is a sure winner
Synonyms: trump card
trump (n.)
(card games) the suit that has been declared to rank above all other suits for the duration of the hand;
clubs were declared trumps
a trump can take a trick even when a card of a different suit is led
trump (n.)
a brass musical instrument with a brilliant tone; has a narrow tube and a flared bell and is played by means of valves;
Synonyms: cornet / horn / trumpet