think (v.)

古英语 þencan "想象,在脑海中构思;考虑,冥想,记忆;打算,希望,渴望"(过去时 þohte ,过去分词 geþoht ),可能最初是"使自己出现",来自于古日耳曼语 *thankjan (也是古弗里斯兰语 thinka ,古撒克逊语 thenkian ,古高德语 denchen ,德语 denken ,古北欧语 þekkja ,哥特语 þagkjan 的来源)。

古英语 þencan 是独特的古英语动词 þyncan "似乎,出现"(过去时 þuhte ,过去分词 geþuht )的因果形式,来自于原日耳曼语 *thunkjan (也是德语 dünkendäuchte )。两者都来自于PIE *tong- "思考,感觉",这也是 thoughtthank 的词根。

这两个古英语单词在中古英语中汇合, þyncan "似乎"被吸收,只是在古英语 methinks "在我看来"中被保留。

作为名词, think ,"长时间思考的行为",在1834年得到证明。形象化的 thinking cap 则是1839年的证据。

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Definitions of think from WordNet
think (v.)
judge or regard; look upon; judge;
I think that he is her boyfriend
I think he is very smart
Synonyms: believe / consider / conceive
think (v.)
expect, believe, or suppose;
I thought to find her in a bad state
he didn't think to find her in the kitchen
Synonyms: opine / suppose / imagine / reckon / guess
think (v.)
use or exercise the mind or one's power of reason in order to make inferences, decisions, or arrive at a solution or judgments;
I've been thinking all day and getting nowhere
Synonyms: cogitate / cerebrate
think (v.)
recall knowledge from memory; have a recollection;
I can't think what her last name was
Synonyms: remember / retrieve / recall / call back / call up / recollect
think (v.)
imagine or visualize;
Just think--you could be rich one day!
think (v.)
focus one's attention on a certain state;
think thin
think (v.)
have in mind as a purpose;
She didn't think to harm me
We thought to return early that night
Synonyms: intend / mean
think (v.)
decide by pondering, reasoning, or reflecting;
Can you think what to do next?
think (v.)
ponder; reflect on, or reason about;
think (v.)
dispose the mind in a certain way;
Do you really think so?
think (v.)
have or formulate in the mind;
think (v.)
be capable of conscious thought;
Man is the only creature that thinks
think (v.)
bring into a given condition by mental preoccupation;
She thought herself into a state of panic over the final exam
think (n.)
an instance of deliberate thinking;
I need to give it a good think