story (n.1)

"对一些事件的相关记载或叙述",13世纪,原为"对过去重要事件或名人的叙述",来自古法语 estorieestoire "故事、编年史、历史",来自晚期拉丁语 storia ,由拉丁语 historia "历史、记载、故事、故事"缩短而来(见 history )。

A story is by derivation a short history, and by development a narrative designed to interest and please. [Century Dictionary]

意思是"真实事件的叙述",最早记录在14世纪末;"虚构事件的叙述,目的是为了娱乐"的意义来自16世纪。直到15世纪才与 history 。作为"谎言"的委婉语,它可以追溯到1690年代。意为"报纸文章"是从1892年开始的。 Story-line 首次被证明是1941年。 That's another story "that requires different treatment"从1818年开始考证。 Story of my life "可悲的真相"最早记载于1938年,来自于自传的典型标题。

story (n.2)

"建筑物的地板",15世纪 ,来自英拉丁语 historia "建筑物的地板"(13世纪),也是"图画",来自拉丁语 historia (见 history )。"之所以如此称呼,也许是因为中世纪建筑物的正面常常装饰着一排画窗"[巴恩哈特]。

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Definitions of story from WordNet

story (n.)
a message that tells the particulars of an act or occurrence or course of events; presented in writing or drama or cinema or as a radio or television program;
Synonyms: narrative / narration / tale
story (n.)
a piece of fiction that narrates a chain of related events;
story (n.)
a structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale;
Synonyms: floor / level / storey
story (n.)
a record or narrative description of past events;
the story of exposure to lead
Synonyms: history / account / chronicle
story (n.)
a short account of the news;
the story was on the 11 o'clock news
Synonyms: report / news report / account / write up
story (n.)
a trivial lie;
Synonyms: fib / tale / tarradiddle / taradiddle