social (adj.)

15世纪, “致力于或与家庭生活有关;” 1560年代为“与他人生活在一起”, 来自法语 social (14世纪), 直接来自拉丁语 socialis “伴侣的, 盟友的; 联合的, 与他人生活在一起的; 婚姻的, 夫妻的”, 来自 socius “伴侣, 盟友”, 可能最初是“追随者”, 来自PIE *sokw-yo-, 后缀形式为根 *sekw- (1) “追随”. 比较古英语 secg, 古北欧语 seggr “同伴”, 似乎是在同一概念上形成的).) 相关: Socially.

“以友好或和蔼为特征” 的意义来自1660年代. 意为“与他人共同生活或喜欢与他人共同生活; 有伴侣, 倾向于友好的交往”, 出自1720年代. 意思是“作为人类生活的自然条件的社会或与社会有关的” 最早见于1695年, 在洛克. “与时髦社会有关” 的意义来自1873年.

Social climber 是1893年起. social work 是1890年. social worker 1886. Social drinking 最早证明1807年. Social studies 作为历史, 地理, 经济等方面的统称, 从1916年开始得到证明. Social security “国家支持贫困公民的制度” 从1907年开始考证(1935年美国国会通过《社会保障法》). Social butterfly 是来自1867年, 形象地指“飘忽不定”.

Social contract 1763年) 出自卢梭的译文. Social Darwinism 证自1887年. Social engineering 从1899年开始考证. Social science 是出自1785年. 在19世纪末的报纸上. social evil 是“卖淫”. Social network 是由1971年证明的. social networking 由1984年. social media 由2008年. Social justice 被1718年证实.

I must introduce a parenthetical protest against the abuse of the current term 'social justice'. From meaning 'justice in relations between groups or classes' it may slip into meaning a particular assumption as to what these relations should be; and a course of action might be supported because it represented the aim of 'social justice', which from the point of view of 'justice' was not just. The term 'social justice' is in danger of losing its rational content—which would be replaced by a powerful emotional charge. I believe that I have used the term myself: it should never be employed unless the user is prepared to define clearly what social justice means to him, and why he thinks it just. [T. S. Eliot, footnote in “Notes Towards the Definition of Culture,” 1948]

social (n.)

“友好的聚会”, 1870年, 来自 social (adj.). 在17世纪末, 它的意思是“同伴, 伙伴”.

Definitions of social
social (adj.)
relating to human society and its members;
social institutions
social legislation
Synonyms: societal
social (adj.)
living together or enjoying life in communities or organized groups;
a human being is a social animal
mature social behavior
social (adj.)
relating to or belonging to or characteristic of high society;
made fun of her being so social and high-toned
a social gossip colum
social (adj.)
composed of sociable people or formed for the purpose of sociability;
a social director
a purely social club
the church has a large social hall
social (adj.)
tending to move or live together in groups or colonies of the same kind;
ants are social insects
social (adj.)
marked by friendly companionship with others;
a social cup of coffee
social (n.)
a party of people assembled to promote sociability and communal activity;
Synonyms: sociable / mixer