serve (v.)

12世纪晚期,"使习惯性的服从",也有"服侍,给予援助,给予帮助"的意思,来自古法语 servir "对其尽职,表现出奉献精神;摆放餐桌,在餐桌上服务;提供,提供与",来自拉丁语 servire "成为仆人,为其服务,被奴役;"形象地说是"奉献;受其支配;遵从;符合;奉承",原为"成为奴隶",与 servus "奴隶"有关,来源不明。

也许来自伊特鲁里亚语(比较伊特鲁里亚语专有名词 ServiServe ,拉丁化为 Servius ),但德-瓦安说它来自原意大利语 *serwo- "牧羊人", *serwā- "观察",来自PIE *seruo- "监护人"(来源也是阿维斯坦 haraiti "理会,保护")。

Rix 1994a argues that the original meaning of *serwo- probably was 'guard, shepherd', which underwent a pejorative development to 'slave' in Italy between 700 and 450 BC. Servire would be the direct derivative of servus , hence 'be a slave'; servare would in his view be derived from an older noun *serwa- or *serwom 'observation, heedance'.


serve (someone) right "以他应得的方式对待"是从1580年代开始记载的。Sense of "be useful, be beneficial, be suitable for a purpose or function" is from early 14 Century; that of "take the place or meet the needs of, be equal to the task" is from late 14 Century; that of "sufficient" is from mid- 15 Century Meaning "render active military service" is from 1510s.体育意义,在网球、羽毛球等运动中,最早记载于1580年代。法律意义上的"出示"(令状、授权书等)、"给予法律通知"是从15世纪初开始的。

He no schuld neuer wond
To seruen him fro fot to hond
["Amis and Amiloun," c. 1330]

serve (n.)

1680年代,在体育(网球等),来自 serve (五)。

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Definitions of serve from WordNet
serve (v.)
serve a purpose, role, or function;
His freedom served him well
The tree stump serves as a table
This table would serve very well
The female students served as a control group
Synonyms: function
serve (v.)
do duty or hold offices; serve in a specific function;
She served in Congress for two terms
He served as head of the department for three years
serve (v.)
contribute or conduce to;
The scandal served to increase his popularity
serve (v.)
be used by; as of a utility;
The garage served to shelter his horses
The sewage plant served the neighboring communities
Synonyms: service
serve (v.)
help to some food; help with food or drink;
I served him three times, and after that he helped himself
Synonyms: help
serve (v.)
provide (usually but not necessarily food);
The entertainers served up a lively show
We serve meals for the homeless
Synonyms: serve up / dish out / dish up / dish
serve (v.)
devote (part of) one's life or efforts to, as of countries, institutions, or ideas;
She served the art of music
He served the church
serve the country
serve (v.)
promote, benefit, or be useful or beneficial to;
The lake serves recreation
The President's wisdom has served the country well
Their interests are served
Art serves commerce
Synonyms: serve well
serve (v.)
spend time in prison or in a labor camp;
Synonyms: do
serve (v.)
work for or be a servant to;
The minister served the King for many years
May I serve you?
Synonyms: attend to / wait on / attend / assist
serve (v.)
deliver a warrant or summons to someone;
Synonyms: process / swear out
serve (v.)
be sufficient; be adequate, either in quality or quantity;
Nothing else will serve
Synonyms: suffice / do / answer
serve (v.)
do military service;
My sons never served, because they are short-sighted
She served in Vietnam
serve (v.)
mate with;
male animals serve the females for breeding purposes
Synonyms: service
serve (v.)
put the ball into play;
It was Agassi's turn to serve
serve (n.)
(sports) a stroke that puts the ball in play;
his powerful serves won the game
Synonyms: service