real (adj.)

14世纪初, “实际存在的, 真实的”; 15世纪中叶, “与事物有关的” (特别是财产), 来自古法语 reel “真实的, 实际的”, 来自晚期拉丁语 realis “实际的”, 中世纪拉丁语“属于事物本身”, 来自拉丁语 res “财产, 货物, 物质, 事情, 事务”, 德瓦安将其追溯到一个PIE *Hreh-i- “财富, 货物”, 来源也是梵文 rayim, rayah “财产, 货物”, 阿维斯坦 raii-i- “财富”.

“真正” 的意思是1550年代的记载; “不受影响, 无理取闹” 的意思是1847年的.

Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand. [Margery Williams, “The Velveteen Rabbit” ]

Real estate 确切的术语, 是从1660年代开始记录的, 但在中世纪英语中, real 在法律上用于指不动产, 与 personal, 配对使用, 并与之区分. 名词短语 real time 是19世纪初作为逻辑和哲学术语, 1953年作为形容词短语. get real, 通常是一个插入语, 是美国大学的俚语在20世纪60年代, 达到广泛的普及c. 1987.

real (n.)

“西班牙小银币”, 1580年代, 来自西班牙 real, 名词使用 real (副词) “regal”, 来自拉丁文 regalis “regal” (见 regal). 特别是指 real de plata, 在美国流通至约1850年, 在墨西哥流通至1897年. 同样的词在中世纪英语中被用来指代各种钱币, 来自古法语 real, 是西班牙语的同源词.

The old system of reckoning by shillings and pence is continued by retail dealers generally; and will continue, as long as the Spanish coins remain in circulation. [Bartlett, “Dictionary of Americanisms,” 1848]

他还说, 由于各州金属与纸币的汇率不同, 西班牙货币在各地的名称也不同. 八分之一美元或12. 5美分的西班牙雷亚尔在新英格兰州是 ninepence, 在纽约州是 one shilling, 在宾夕法尼亚州是 elevenpencelevy, “而在南方的许多州, 则是 bit”. 半实数在纽约是 sixpence, 在新英格兰是 fourpence, 在宾夕法尼亚是 fip, 在南方是 picayune.

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Definitions of real from WordNet
real (adj.)
no less than what is stated; worthy of the name;
real war
the real reason
meat and potatoes--I call that a real meal
it's time he had a real job
it's no penny-ante job--he's making real money
a real friend
a real woman
real (adj.)
coinciding with reality; "perceptual error...has a surprising resemblance to veridical perception"- F.A.Olafson;
Synonyms: veridical
real (adj.)
being or occurring in fact or actuality; having verified existence; not illusory; "real people; not ghosts"; "Life is real! Life is earnest!"- Longfellow;
real humility
a film based on real life
real objects
a real illness
Synonyms: existent
real (adj.)
not to be taken lightly;
statistics demonstrate that poverty and unemployment are very real problems
to the man sleeping regularly in doorways homelessness is real
real (adj.)
capable of being treated as fact;
his brief time as Prime Minister brought few real benefits to the poor
Synonyms: tangible
real (adj.)
being or reflecting the essential or genuine character of something; "a literal solitude like a desert"- G.K.Chesterton;
Synonyms: actual / genuine / literal
real (adj.)
of, relating to, or representing an amount that is corrected for inflation;
real wages
real income
real prices
real (adj.)
(of property) fixed or immovable;
real property consists of land and buildings
real (adj.)
having substance or capable of being treated as fact; not imaginary;
Synonyms: substantial / material
real (n.)
any rational or irrational number;
Synonyms: real number
real (n.)
the basic unit of money in Brazil; equal to 100 centavos;
real (n.)
an old small silver Spanish coin;
real (adv.)
used as intensifiers; `real' is sometimes used informally for `really'; `rattling' is informal;
I'm real sorry about it
Synonyms: very / really / rattling
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