punk (adj.)

“劣质的, 不好的”, 1896年, 也作为名词, “不值钱的东西”, 更早的是“用作火柴的烂木头” (1680年代), “这个词在新英格兰以及其他北方国家和加拿大都是常用的” [Bartlett]; 也许来自特拉华语(阿尔冈昆语) ponk, 字面意思是“灰尘, 粉末, 灰烬;” 但盖尔语 spong “火柴” 也有人提出(比较 spunk “touchwood, 火柴”, 1580年代).

punk (n.1)

“中国香”, 1870年, 据OED从 punk (n.) “烂木头当火柴用;” 见 punk (adj.).

punk (n.2)

“一文不值的人” (特别是年轻的流氓或小罪犯), 1917年, 可能来自 punk kid “罪犯的学徒”, 1904年证实的美国黑社会俚语(带有“catamite” 的意味). 最终来自 punk (adj.) “下等的, 坏的” (q. v.), 或者来自 punk “妓女, 妓女, 妓女”, 1590年代证明, 来源不明. 相关: Punkling. 关于从“妓女” 到“同性恋” 的可能意义转换, 比较 gay.

到了1923年, 一般用于“年轻的男孩, 没有经验的人” (最初在演艺界, 如 punk day, 马戏团的俚语从1930年开始, “儿童免费入场的日子” ). 到1920年, 动词的意思是“退缩”.

“少年犯” 的意义无疑是灵感在 punk rock - 大声, 快速, 咄咄逼人, 令人发指--这一点在1971年得到了印证(戴夫-马什在《克里姆》的一篇文章中, 提到了鲁迪-“问号” -马丁内斯); 1976年广泛流行.

If you looked different, people tried to intimidate you all the time. It was the same kind of crap you had to put up with as a hippie, when people started growing long hair. Only now it was the guys with the long hair yelling at you. You think they would have learned something. I had this extreme parrot red hair and I got hassled so much I carried a sign that said “FUCK YOU ASSHOLE.” I got so tired of yelling it, I would just hold up the sign. [Bobby Startup, Philadelphia punk DJ, Philadelphia Weekly, Oct. 10, 2001]

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Definitions of punk from WordNet
punk (n.)
an aggressive and violent young criminal;
Synonyms: hood / hoodlum / goon / thug / tough / toughie / strong-armer
punk (n.)
substance that smolders when ignited; used to light fuses (especially fireworks);
punk (n.)
material for starting a fire;
Synonyms: kindling / tinder / touchwood / spunk
punk (n.)
a teenager or young adult who is a performer (or enthusiast) of punk rock and a member of the punk youth subculture;
Synonyms: punk rocker
punk (n.)
rock music with deliberately offensive lyrics expressing anger and social alienation; in part a reaction against progressive rock;
Synonyms: punk rock
punk (adj.)
of very poor quality; flimsy;
Synonyms: bum / cheap / cheesy / chintzy / crummy / sleazy / tinny
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