practice (v.)

14世纪晚期, practisen ,"遵循或运用"一个行动过程;15世纪,"做,付诸行动或实践;"来自古法语 pratiserpractiser "实践",改变了 practiquer ,来自中世纪拉丁语 practicare "做,执行,实践",来自晚期拉丁语 practicus "实际",来自希腊语 praktikos "实际"(见 practical )。

从15世纪初作为"进行职业",特别是医学;也有"以获得技能为目的,反复做或习惯性地执行,通过反复表演来学习;"从15世纪中叶作为"执行、工作、练习"。"反复进行某些行为,训练自己"的不及物意义,到1590年代。Sense of "to cause to practice, teach by exercise, train, drill" is from 1590s.相关链接: Practiced ; practicing .

practice (n.)

15世纪初, practise ,"实际方面或应用",最初特别是医学,但也有炼金术、教育等;来自古法语 pratiser ,来自中世纪拉丁语 practicare (见 practice (v.))。它在很大程度上取代了旧词 practic ,该词并行存在到19世纪从15世纪初开始被同化,在拼写上与名词 -ice

习惯,经常或习惯的表现"的意义是从16世纪开始的。意思是"为教学或纪律而进行的锻炼"是从15世纪20年代开始的。"行动,完成或进行的过程"(与 speculationtheory )的意义来自1530年代。"经常从事某种工作或业务"的意思是来自1570年代。在16世纪-17世纪,它还被用于邪恶的意义,"阴谋,计划"。

Practice is sometimes erroneously used for experience , which is a much broader word. Practice is the repetition of an act : as, to become a skilled marksman by practice . Experience is, by derivation, a going clear through, and may mean action, but much oftener views the person as acted upon, taught, disciplined, by what befalls him. [Century Dictionary]

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Definitions of practice from WordNet
practice (v.)
carry out or practice; as of jobs and professions;
practice law
Synonyms: practise / exercise / do
practice (v.)
learn by repetition;
Pianists practice scales
Synonyms: drill / exercise / practise
practice (v.)
engage in a rehearsal (of);
Synonyms: rehearse / practise
practice (v.)
avail oneself to;
practice a religion
practice non-violent resistance
Synonyms: apply / use
practice (v.)
engage in or perform;
practice safe sex
Synonyms: commit
practice (n.)
a customary way of operation or behavior;
it is their practice to give annual raises
Synonyms: pattern
practice (n.)
systematic training by multiple repetitions;
practice makes perfect
Synonyms: exercise / drill / practice session / recitation
practice (n.)
translating an idea into action;
a hard theory to put into practice
Synonyms: praxis
practice (n.)
the exercise of a profession;
I took over his practice when he retired
the practice of the law
practice (n.)
knowledge of how something is usually done;
it is not the local practice to wear shorts to dinner