one (adj., pron., n.)

“只是一个单一的单位或个体; 是一个单一的人, 物等. 所述类的;” 作为代词, “单一的人或事物, 个体, 某人;” 作为名词, “万能数字中的第一个或最低的数字; 单一的种类, 相同的; 第一个整数, 由一个单位组成; 统一; 代表一个或统一的符号.” 13世纪, 来自古英语 an (形容词, 代词, 名词) “一个”, 来自原日耳曼语 *ainaz (也是古北欧语 einn, 丹麦语 een, 古弗里斯兰语 an, 荷兰语 een, 德语 ein, 哥特语 ains), 来自PIE根 *oi-no- “一个, 唯一的”. “

最初在 only, atone, alone, 以及方言 good 'un, young 'un 等中仍是这样发音; 现在的标准发音” wun“约在14世纪开始在英格兰西南部和西部(格洛斯特人丁道尔在他的《圣经》翻译中拼写为 won), 18世纪开始通用其作为不定代词使用, 受到不相关的法语 on 和拉丁语 homo.

在人名前, 表示” 至今未知“或说话人不知道.

One and only” 甜心“是1906年的. 俚语 one-arm bandit 为一种老虎机的记录, 到1938年. One-night stand 是1880年的表演意义; 1963年的性意义. One of the boys” 普通的和蔼的家伙“是1893年的. One-track mind” 头脑中只能有一条思路或行动“是由1915年. 喝酒的表现形式 one for the road 是由1950年(作为歌名). One-man band 是由1909年的字面意义, 1914年的形象意义. One of those things” 不可预知的发生“是由1934年开始的.

The conscience clause is one of the weaknesses of the Bill. It is one of those things which tend to create the bitterness. The conscience clause is one of those things which are inseparable from a Bill like this. It is one of those things which divides the sheep from the goats—members can pick them out for themselves—in the playground, in the school. [” Religious Exercises in School Bills, “ New Zealand Parliamentary Debates, Aug. 13, 1926]

Definitions of one
one (adj.)
of the same kind or quality;
two animals of one species
one (adj.)
having the indivisible character of a unit;
spoke with one voice
Synonyms: unitary
one (adj.)
(informal) very; used informally as an intensifier;
that is one fine dog
Synonyms: right
one (adj.)
indefinite in time or position;
he will come one day
one place or another
one (adj.)
eminent beyond or above comparison;
she's one girl in a million
the one and only Muhammad Ali
Synonyms: matchless / nonpareil / one and only / peerless / unmatched / unmatchable / unrivaled / unrivalled
one (adj.)
used of a single unit or thing; not two or more;
Synonyms: " / i / ane
one (adj.)
being a single entity made by combining separate components;
three chemicals combining into one solution
one (n.)
the smallest whole number or a numeral representing this number;
he has the one but will need a two and three to go with it
they had lunch at one
Synonyms: " / i / ace / single / unity
one (n.)
a single person or thing;
he is the best one
this is the one I ordered