just (adj.)

14世纪晚期,"在上帝眼中道德上正直、正义"("现在主要作为《圣经》中的古语"--OED);也是"公平、公正、不偏不倚地处理一个人的事务";也是"合适、适当、符合标准或规则";也是"正当、合理;"来自古法语 juste "公正、正义;真诚"(12世纪),直接来自拉丁语 iustus "正直、正义、公平。in accordance with law, lawful; true, proper; perfect, complete"(也是西班牙语和葡萄牙语 justo ,意大利语 giusto 的来源),从 ius "a right",特别是"legal right, law"(见 jurist ;从拉丁语 ius 也来自英语 jury (n.)、 injury ,等)。)

从15世纪起作"right-minded, good in intention";从15世纪初起作"legal, lawful, right in law"。又作"精确,精确;以精确为标志或特征;具有正确的尺寸"(14世纪末);叙述、计算等的"准确,正确"(15世纪初)。音乐中的意义,"和谐纯正、正确、精确"到1850年。

更通俗的拉丁语法律词 lex ,涵盖了具体的法律,而不是法律的主体。意为"正义的人或人;基督"的名词是14世纪末的(拉丁语中的中性形容词被用作名词, iustum ,"什么是正确的或公正的")。

just (adv.)

15世纪 ,"正是,正是";15世纪末,"恰如其分,贴切";16世纪 ,"立即";来自 just (形容词),并与法语 juste (也可比较荷兰语 juist ,德语 just ,来自形容词)的副词用法平行。

"精确"在空间、时间、种类或程度上的原始意义;"精确地,没有间隔、偏差或变化"在 just so "正是这样,以这种方式"(1751)、 just as I thought ,等 . ,但这种意义衰落了,就像它在一般的精确性词语中经常发生的那样(比较 anonsoon ),从"精确、准确、准时"到"在一点之内;有极小的但足够的差异;几乎;几乎是精确的;"然后到16世纪60年代变成"仅仅、勉强、由或在一个狭窄的范围内(如 just missed )。因此 just now 如"不久前"(16世纪80年代)。又作"很近,短时间内"(18世纪)。也有密集使用,"相当"(到1855年)。

Just-so story 是证明1902年在吉卜林,来自 just so "正是这样,以这种方式"。

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Definitions of just from WordNet
just (adv.)
and nothing more;
just a scratch
Synonyms: merely / simply / only / but
just (adv.)
indicating exactness or preciseness; "Properly speaking, all true work is religion."--Thomas Carlyle;
it was just as he said--the jewel was gone
it has just enough salt
Synonyms: precisely / exactly / properly
just (adv.)
only a moment ago;
he has just arrived
the sun just now came out
Synonyms: just now
just (adv.)
(used for emphasis) absolutely;
I just can't take it anymore
he was just grand as Romeo
Synonyms: simply
just (adv.)
only a very short time before; "would have scarce arrived before she would have found some excuse to leave"- W.B.Yeats;
Synonyms: barely / hardly / scarcely / scarce
just (adv.)
possibly (indicating a slight chance of something being true);
it might just happen
just (adv.)
exactly at this moment or the moment described;
we've just finished painting the walls, so don't touch them
just (adv.)
by a little;
the batter just missed being hit
I only just caught the bus
he finished the marathon in just under 3 hours
Synonyms: barely
just (adj.)
used especially of what is legally or ethically right or proper or fitting; "a just and lasting peace"- A.Lincoln;
his just inheritance
a kind and just man
a just reward
just (adj.)
fair to all parties as dictated by reason and conscience;
Synonyms: equitable
just (adj.)
free from favoritism or self-interest or bias or deception; conforming with established standards or rules;
Synonyms: fair
just (adj.)
of moral excellence;
a just cause
Synonyms: good / upright