isolated (adj.)

"站在与其他同类分离的地方",1740年,法语 isolé "孤立的"(17世纪)译成英语,来自意大利语 isolato ,来自拉丁语 insulatus "做成岛屿",来自 insula "岛屿"(见 isle (n.))。英语起初使用的是法语单词( isole ,也有 isole'd ,约1750年),后来 isolate (v.)成为英语单词后, isolated 成为其过去分词。

[F]or I think it very natural to suppose, that all the People of this isolated Country, (I ask Pardon for a foreign Word) should have one Language ... ["An Irregular Dissertation Occasioned by the Reading of Father Du Halde's Description of China," 1740]

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Definitions of isolated from WordNet

isolated (adj.)
remote and separate physically or socially; "preserved because they inhabited a place apart"- W.H.Hudson;
tiny isolated villages remote from centers of civilization
Synonyms: apart / obscure
isolated (adj.)
not close together in time;
isolated instances of rebellion
Synonyms: stray
isolated (adj.)
being or feeling set or kept apart from others; "could not remain the isolated figure he had been"- Sherwood Anderson;
Synonyms: detached / separated / set-apart
isolated (adj.)
marked by separation of or from usually contiguous elements; "little isolated worlds, as abruptly disjunct and unexpected as a palm-shaded well in the Sahara"- Scientific Monthly;
Synonyms: disjunct
isolated (adj.)
cut off or left behind;
an isolated pawn
Synonyms: marooned / stranded
isolated (adj.)
under forced isolation especially for health reasons;
isolated patients
Synonyms: quarantined