isolated (adj.)

“站在与其他同类分离的地方”, 1740年, 法语 isolé “孤立的” (17世纪) 译成英语, 来自意大利语 isolato, 来自拉丁语 insulatus “做成岛屿”, 来自 insula “岛屿” (见 isle (n.) ). 英语起初使用的是法语单词(isole, 也有 isole'd, 约1750年), 后来 isolate (v.) 成为英语单词后, isolated 成为其过去分词.

[F]or I think it very natural to suppose, that all the People of this isolated Country, (I ask Pardon for a foreign Word) should have one Language. .. [“An Irregular Dissertation Occasioned by the Reading of Father Du Halde's Description of China,” 1740]

updated on September 25, 2018