house (n.)

古英语 hus "住所,庇护所,设计用于居住的建筑",来自于原日耳曼语 *hūsan (来源也是古北欧语,古弗里斯兰语 hus ,荷兰语 huis ,德语 Haus ),来源不明,可能与 hide (v.)[OED]的词根有关。在哥特语中只有 gudhus "神庙",字面意思是"神屋";哥特语中"房子"的常用词是根据OED razn

意思是"家庭,包括祖先和后代,特别是如果高贵"是从11世纪 。黄道十二宫的意义是第一次被证明14世纪后期的立法意义(1540年代)是从建筑物中的身体满足转移。意思是"剧院里的观众"来自16世纪60年代(从剧院本身转来, playhouse )。"营业场所"的含义是1580年代。专门的学院和大学的意义(1530年代)也适用于建筑物和学生的统称,这种双重意义更早地出现在指宗教教团时(14世纪末)。作为一种舞厅DJ音乐风格,可能来自 Warehouse ,据说这种风格起源于芝加哥的一家夜总会。

play house 是1871年的;作为暗示"做爱、窝棚",1968年。 House arrest 1936年首次考证。 House-painter 是来自1680年代。 House-raising (n.)是从1704年开始的。 On the house "自由"出自1889年。 House and home 已从13世纪开始连词成对 。

And the Prophet Isaiah the sonne of Amos came to him, and saide vnto him, Thus saith the Lord, Set thine house in order: for thou shalt die, and not liue. [II Kings xx.1, version of 1611]

house (v.)

"给予庇护",古英语 husian "带入房屋;放置或包围在房屋中"(与古弗里斯兰语 husa ,德语 hausen ,荷兰语 huizen )同源;见 house (n.)。从1590年代开始的不动态意义。相关: Housed ; housing

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Definitions of house from WordNet
house (n.)
a dwelling that serves as living quarters for one or more families;
he has a house on Cape Cod
she felt she had to get out of the house
house (n.)
the members of a business organization that owns or operates one or more establishments;
he worked for a brokerage house
Synonyms: firm / business firm
house (n.)
the members of a religious community living together;
house (n.)
the audience gathered together in a theatre or cinema;
he counted the house
the house applauded
house (n.)
an official assembly having legislative powers;
a bicameral legislature has two houses
house (n.)
aristocratic family line;
house (n.)
play in which children take the roles of father or mother or children and pretend to interact like adults;
the children were playing house
house (n.)
(astrology) one of 12 equal areas into which the zodiac is divided;
Synonyms: sign of the zodiac / star sign / sign / mansion / planetary house
house (n.)
the management of a gambling house or casino;
the house gets a percentage of every bet
house (n.)
a social unit living together;
I waited until the whole house was asleep
Synonyms: family / household / home / menage
house (n.)
a building where theatrical performances or motion-picture shows can be presented;
the house was full
Synonyms: theater / theatre
house (n.)
a building in which something is sheltered or located;
they had a large carriage house
house (v.)
contain or cover;
This box houses the gears
house (v.)
provide housing for;
The immigrants were housed in a new development outside the town
Synonyms: put up / domiciliate