game (n.)

13世纪 ,来自古英语 gamen "欢乐,乐趣;游戏,娱乐",常见于日耳曼语(同源词。古弗里斯兰语 game "欢乐,欢快",古北欧语 gaman "游戏,运动;快乐,娱乐",古撒克逊语 gaman ,古高德语 gaman "运动,欢快",丹麦语 gamen ,瑞典语 gamman "欢快"),据说与哥特语 gaman "参与,共融"相同,来自原日耳曼语 *ga- 集体前缀+ *mann "人",给人一种"人在一起"的感觉。

-en 可能因为被误认为是后缀而丢失。意思是"按照规则进行的成功或优势竞赛",最早见于13世纪(竞技比赛、象棋、西洋双陆棋)。特别是"狩猎、捕鱼、叫卖或捕禽的运动"(14世纪),因此"为运动而捕获的野生动物"(14世纪),这是 fair game (见 fair (adj.)下)的 game ,也是 gamey 。意为"赢得一场比赛所需的分数",是1830年的。 Game plan 是1941年,从美国足球。 game show 1961年首次考证。

game (adj.1)

"跛脚",1787年,来自北米德兰兹方言,来源不明,可能是 gammy (流浪汉俚语)"坏"的变体,或来自古北法语 gambe "腿"(见 gambol (n.))。

game (adj.2)

"随时准备行动,毫不畏惧,能胜任任务;"可能字面意思是"像游戏鸡一样精神抖擞",1725年,从 game-cock "为战斗而饲养的鸟"(1670年代),从 game (n.)的"运动、娱乐"意义。中古英语形容词 gamesomegamelich ,意思是"欢乐的、好玩的、运动的"。

game (v.)

中英语 gamen "运动、玩笑、玩笑",来自古英语 gamenian "玩耍、玩笑、玩笑;"见 game (n.)。中古英语这个词从15世纪开始就鲜有记载,现代使用的"to play at games"(1520s)可能是由名词新形成的;而它可能在20世纪末被重新提出来,指的是电脑游戏。相关链接: Gamed ; gaming .

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Definitions of game from WordNet
game (n.)
a contest with rules to determine a winner;
you need four people to play this game
game (n.)
a single play of a sport or other contest;
the game lasted two hours
game (n.)
an amusement or pastime;
they played word games
he thought of his painting as a game that filled his empty time
his life was all fun and games
game (n.)
animal hunted for food or sport;
game (n.)
(tennis) a division of play during which one player serves;
game (n.)
(games) the score at a particular point or the score needed to win;
he is serving for the game
the game is 6 all
game (n.)
the flesh of wild animals that is used for food;
game (n.)
a secret scheme to do something (especially something underhand or illegal);
I saw through his little game from the start
Synonyms: plot / secret plan
game (n.)
the game equipment needed in order to play a particular game;
the child received several games for his birthday
game (n.)
your occupation or line of work;
he's in the plumbing game
Synonyms: biz
game (n.)
frivolous or trifling behavior;
for him, life is all fun and games
for actors, memorizing lines is no game
game (adj.)
disabled in the feet or legs;
a game leg
Synonyms: crippled / halt / halting / lame / gimpy
game (adj.)
willing to face danger;
Synonyms: gamy / gamey / gritty / mettlesome / spirited / spunky
game (v.)
place a bet on;
Synonyms: bet on / back / gage / stake / punt