fun (n.)

“dission, amusement, mirthful sport”, 1727年, 更早的“a cheat, trick” (18世纪), 来自动词 fun (1680年代) “to cheat, hoax”, 起源不明, 可能是中英文 fonnen “befool” (15世纪; 见 fond) 的变体. 18世纪记录很少, 被约翰逊污蔑为“低腔词”. 较早的意义保留在短语 to make fun of (1737) 和 funny money “假钞” (1938, 虽然这个词的使用可能更多是为了押韵). 另见 funny. Fun and games “mirthful carry-on” 是1906年的.

fun (v.)

1680年代, “欺骗”; 1833年“取笑, 玩笑, 玩笑”, 来自 fun (n.). 相关链接: Funning.

fun (adj.)

15世纪中叶, “愚蠢的, 愚蠢的”; 1846年, “愉快的”, 来自 fun (n.).

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Definitions of fun from WordNet

fun (n.)
activities that are enjoyable or amusing;
he is fun to have around
I do it for the fun of it
Synonyms: merriment / playfulness
fun (n.)
verbal wit or mockery (often at another's expense but not to be taken seriously);
he became a figure of fun
Synonyms: play / sport
fun (n.)
violent and excited activity;
she asked for money and then the fun began
fun (n.)
a disposition to find (or make) causes for amusement;
he was fun to be with
Synonyms: playfulness
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