fine (adj.)

13世纪中叶, “无瑕疵, 精制, 纯洁, 无杂质”, 也是“高质量, 选择”, 来自古法语 fin “完美的, 最高质量的” (12世纪), 从 finire, 或从拉丁语 finis “那分界, 界限, 限度, 边框, 尽头” (见 finish (v.) )回形; 因此是“顶点, 高峰, 高度”, 如 finis boni “最高的好”. 英语从14世纪起作“丰富的, 有价值的, 昂贵的”; 也在道德意义上作“真实的, 真正的; 忠实的, 恒久的”. 从14世纪晚期起作“专家级的时装, 精良或巧妙的制作”, 也有, 布匹的, “精巧地锻制”. 从15世纪开始, 武器或边缘的“锋利”. 在提到金银的质量时, 15世纪末.

在法语中, 主要意思仍是“精巧, 复杂的技巧”; 在英语中, 自14世纪以来, fine 也是一般的广义表达, 表示钦佩或赞许, 相当于法语 beau (如 fine arts, “那些吸引心灵和想象力的东西”, 1767年, 译为法语 beaux-arts). 相关: Finer; finest. Fine print 从1861年起为“字体小而密集”; 到1934年的扩展意义为“交易的资格和限制”.

fine (n.)

13世纪, “终止, 结束; 生命的终结”, 来自古法语 fin “终结, 限制, 界限; 死亡; 费用, 支付, 财务, 金钱” (10世纪), 来自拉丁语 finis “终结” (见 finish (v.) ), 在中世纪的拉丁语中也是“结算中的支付, 罚款或税收”.

现代意义上的“为违法行为或失职行为支付的金钱” 是通过“为免除惩罚或补偿伤害而支付的金钱” (14世纪中叶, 来自13世纪末英法的相同意义) 和诸如 to make fine “使一个人的和平, 解决一个问题” (14世纪) 等短语来理解的. 意思是“对某些犯罪行为施加的罚款金额”, 最早记录于1520年代.

fine (v.)

13世纪末, “支付作为赎金或刑罚”, 来自 fine (n.). 倒过来的意思是“以金钱惩罚”, 出自1550年代. 相关链接: Fined; fining.

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Definitions of fine from WordNet
fine (adj.)
being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition;
another minute I'd have been fine
dinner and the movies had been fine
everything's fine
Synonyms: all right / O.K. / ok / okay / hunky-dory / cool
fine (adj.)
minutely precise especially in differences in meaning;
a fine distinction
fine (adj.)
thin in thickness or diameter;
fine hairs
a fine film of oil
read the fine print
fine (adj.)
characterized by elegance or refinement or accomplishment;
fine wine
a fine violinist
looking fine in her Easter suit
fine china and crystal
the fine hand of a master
a fine gentleman
fine (adj.)
of textures that are smooth to the touch or substances consisting of relatively small particles;
fine powdery snow
covered with a fine film of dust
wood with a fine grain
batiste is a cotton fabric with a fine weave
fine rain
fine (adj.)
free from impurities; having a high or specified degree of purity;
gold 21 carats fine
fine (adv.)
an expression of agreement normally occurring at the beginning of a sentence;
Synonyms: very well / alright / all right / ok
fine (adv.)
in a delicate manner;
her fine drawn body
Synonyms: finely / delicately / exquisitely
fine (v.)
issue a ticket or a fine to as a penalty;
I was fined for parking on the wrong side of the street
Synonyms: ticket
fine (n.)
money extracted as a penalty;
Synonyms: mulct / amercement
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