corrupt (adj.)

14世纪初, “堕落, 品格低劣”, 来自古法语 corropt “不健康, 堕落; 不礼貌” (语言), 直接来自拉丁语 corruptus, corrumpere 的过去分词“破坏”. 破坏, “形象地说是” 腐蚀, 引诱, 贿赂“, 来自 com- 的同化形式, 这里可能是一个强化的前缀(见 com-), + rup-, rumpere 的过去分词干” 打破“, 来自 PIE *runp- 的鼻化形式” 打破“(也是梵文 rupya-” 胃痛“的来源; 古英语 reofan” 打破, 撕裂“).

意思是” 腐烂, 腐臭, 变质“, 是14世纪末的意思” 变坏, 因掺杂或改变而变质“(语言等), 是14世纪末的意思” 犯了不诚实的罪, 涉及贿赂“, 是14世纪末的意思 相关: Corruptly; corruptness.

corrupt (v.)

14世纪中叶, “堕落道德, 从善到恶;” 14世纪晚期, “污染, 损害纯洁性; 引诱或侵犯(一个女人); 通过改变或创新使(一种语言) 贬低或变得不纯洁; 受贿赂或其他错误动机的影响,” 来自拉丁文 corruptus, corrumpere 的过去分词“破坏; 糟蹋”, 形象地说是“腐蚀, 引诱, 贿赂” (见 corrupt (adj.) ).

不动词意义为“putrefy, 从声音变成腐烂的状态”, 来自14世纪末相关: Corrupted; corrupting. 在中古英语中也有 corrumpen (14世纪中期, 与 corrumpcioun), 来自古法语 corompre, 来自拉丁语 corumpere.

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Definitions of corrupt from WordNet
corrupt (v.)
corrupt morally or by intemperance or sensuality;
Socrates was accused of corrupting young men
corrupt the morals
Synonyms: pervert / subvert / demoralize / demoralise / debauch / debase / profane / vitiate / deprave / misdirect
corrupt (v.)
make illegal payments to in exchange for favors or influence;
Synonyms: bribe / buy / grease one's palms
corrupt (v.)
place under suspicion or cast doubt upon;
Synonyms: defile / sully / taint / cloud
corrupt (v.)
alter from the original;
Synonyms: spoil
corrupt (adj.)
lacking in integrity;
a corrupt and incompetent city government
humanity they knew to be corrupt...from the day of Adam's creation
corrupt (adj.)
not straight; dishonest or immoral or evasive;
Synonyms: crooked
corrupt (adj.)
containing errors or alterations;
a corrupt text
spoke a corrupted version of the language
Synonyms: corrupted
corrupt (adj.)
touched by rot or decay;
`corrupt' is archaic
Synonyms: tainted