confidence (n.)

15世纪, “保证或相信他人的善意, 真实性等”, 来自古法语 confidence, 或直接来自拉丁语 confidentia, 来自 confidentem (代名词 confidens) “坚定地信任, 大胆地”, confidere 的现在分词“完全信任或依赖”, 来自 com 的同化形式, 这里可能是一个强化的前缀(见 com-), + fidere “信任” (来自PIE词根 *bheidh- “信任, 倾诉, 说服” ).

从15世纪中叶开始作为“依靠自己的力量, 资源或环境, 自我保证”. 意为“对命题或断言的肯定, 对事实的确信” 出自1550年代. 意为“秘密, 私下的交流” 是1590年代的. 与诈骗(见 con (adj.) )的联系可以追溯到19世纪中叶, 来自于虚假的“可信度” 概念, 这是游戏的关键.

Origin and meaning of confidence

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Definitions of confidence from WordNet

confidence (n.)
freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities;
after that failure he lost his confidence
confidence (n.)
a feeling of trust (in someone or something);
confidence is always borrowed, never owned
I have confidence in our team
confidence (n.)
a state of confident hopefulness that events will be favorable;
public confidence in the economy
confidence (n.)
a trustful relationship;
he took me into his confidence
Synonyms: trust
confidence (n.)
a secret that is confided or entrusted to another;
the priest could not reveal her confidences
everyone trusted him with their confidences