company (n.)

12世纪中叶,"一大群人",来自古法语 compagnie "社会、友谊、亲密关系;士兵的身体"(12世纪),来自晚期拉丁语 companio ,字面意思是"面包伙计、伙伴",来自拉丁语 com "一起、一起"(见 com- )+ panis "面包",来自PIE根 *pa- "喂养"。缩写 co. 可追溯到1670年代。

意思是"同伴关系,人与人之间的配偶关系,亲密的联系"是从13世纪末开始的 意思是"与另一个人以任何方式联系在一起的人或个人"是从14世纪开始的 。在中世纪的英语中,这个词也有"性结合、性交"的意思(14世纪)。


意思是"自愿与之交往的人",来自17世纪;短语 keep company "consort"来自1560年代( bear company ,同样的意思来自14世纪)。表达式 two's company "两个人恰到好处"(用于交谈等),是1849年的证据;下面的行文有所不同: but three is none (或 not ),1849年; three's trumpery (1864年); three's a crowd (1856年)。

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Definitions of company from WordNet
company (n.)
an institution created to conduct business;
he started the company in his garage
company (n.)
small military unit; usually two or three platoons;
company (n.)
the state of being with someone;
he missed their company
company (n.)
organization of performers and associated personnel (especially theatrical);
the traveling company all stayed at the same hotel
Synonyms: troupe
company (n.)
a social or business visitor;
the room was a mess because he hadn't expected company
Synonyms: caller
company (n.)
a social gathering of guests or companions;
the house was filled with company when I arrived
company (n.)
a band of people associated temporarily in some activity;
the company of cooks walked into the kitchen
Synonyms: party
company (n.)
crew of a ship including the officers; the whole force or personnel of a ship;
Synonyms: ship's company
company (n.)
a unit of firefighters including their equipment;
a hook-and-ladder company
company (v.)
be a companion to somebody;
Synonyms: companion / accompany / keep company