come (v.)

elementary运动的不及物动词, 古英语 cuman, “以达到或使达到某点为目的而运动; 通过运动或进展而到达;” 也“移入视野, 出现, 成为可感知的; 来到自己身边, 恢复; 到达; 集合” (四级强动词. 过去时 cuom, com, 过去分词 cumen), 来自于原日耳曼语 *kwem- (也是古撒克逊语 cuman, 古弗里斯兰语 kuma, 中荷兰语 comen, 荷兰语 komen, 古高德语 queman, 德语 kommen, 古北欧语 koma, 哥特语 qiman), 来自于PIE根 *gwa- “去, 来”. “

-m-, -n-, 或 -r- 之前, 用中英文 -o- 替代古英文 -u-, 是minims之前的一种抄写习惯, 以避免误读旧式笔迹中的字母, 将它们卡在一起. 这种做法同样改变了 some, monk, tongue, worm. 现代过去时形式 came 是中古英语, 可能来自古北欧语 kvam, 取代古英语 cuom.

意思是” 发生, 发生“是从12世纪初(come to pass” 发生, 发生“是1520年代的).) 作为对行动的邀请, 14世纪; 作为对人的召唤或呼吁(通常以扩展形式:” 来, 来“,” 来, 现在“), 14世纪中叶. Come again? 作为问” 你说什么?“的一种不经意的方式, 在1884年得到证实. 关于性的意义, 见 cum.

与介词搭配使用, 效果显著(NTC的” 短语动词词典“列出了198种组合); 考虑到以下的各种意义 come to” 恢复意识“ come over” 拥有“(作为一种情感). come at” 攻击“ come on 认真点啊 come off” 发生, 有一定程度的成功“(1864). 其他常见的表述还有:

To come down with 1895年,” 生病“(一种疾病). come in, 一个无线电操作员,” 开始说话, “ 1958年. come on” 推进成长或发展, “ 17世纪. come out, 一个年轻女子的,” 使正式进入社会, “1782. come round” 回到一个正常的状态或更好的条件, “ 1841年. come through” 如愿以偿或预期的行动“, 1914年. come up” 出现作为一个关注的主题, “ 1844. come up with” 产生, 呈现, “1934.

have it coming” 罪有应得“是1904年的. 要 come right down to it” get to fundamental facts“出自1875年.

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Definitions of come from WordNet
come (v.)
move toward, travel toward something or somebody or approach something or somebody;
come down here!
come out of the closet!
come into the room
He came singing down the road
Synonyms: come up
come (v.)
reach a destination; arrive by movement or progress;
Synonyms: arrive / get
come (v.)
come to pass; arrive, as in due course;
It came as a shock
Dawn comes early in June
The first success came three days later
come (v.)
reach or enter a state, relation, condition, use, or position;
I came to realize the true meaning of life
The shoes came untied
your wish will come true
We came to understand the true meaning of life
Their anger came to a boil
come into contact with a terrorist group
The water came to a boil
come (v.)
to be the product or result;
Understanding comes from experience
Melons come from a vine
Synonyms: follow
come (v.)
be found or available; "These shoes come in three colors; The furniture comes unassembled";
come (v.)
come forth;
His breath came hard
A scream came from the woman's mouth
Synonyms: issue forth
come (v.)
be a native of;
Synonyms: hail
come (v.)
extend or reach;
The water came up to my waist
The sleeves come to your knuckles
come (v.)
exist or occur in a certain point in a series;
Next came the student from France
come (v.)
cover a certain distance;
She came a long way
come (v.)
come under, be classified or included;
This comes under a new heading
Synonyms: fall
come (v.)
happen as a result;
Nothing good will come of this
come (v.)
add up in number or quantity;
The bill came to $2,000
Synonyms: total / number / add up / amount
come (v.)
develop into;
nothing came of his grandiose plans
Synonyms: add up / amount
come (v.)
be received;
News came in of the massacre in Rwanda
Synonyms: come in
come (v.)
come to one's mind; suggest itself;
A great idea then came to her
Synonyms: occur
come (v.)
come from; be connected by a relationship of blood, for example;
he comes from humble origins
Synonyms: derive / descend
come (v.)
proceed or get along;
He's come a long way
Synonyms: do / fare / make out / get along
come (v.)
experience orgasm;
she could not come because she was too upset
come (v.)
have a certain priority;
My family comes first
come (n.)
the thick white fluid containing spermatozoa that is ejaculated by the male genital tract;
Synonyms: semen / seed / seminal fluid / ejaculate / cum