collect (v.)

15世纪初,"聚集到一个地方或群体"(转义),来自古法语 collecter "收集"(14世纪末),来自拉丁语 collectuscolligere "聚集在一起"的过去分词,来自 com "一起"(见 com- )+ legere "聚集"的同化形式,来自PIE词根 *leg- (1)"收集、聚集"。

不及物义"聚集在一起,积累"从1794年开始得到证明。相关: Collected ; collecting 。作为形容词或副词,意思是"由收件人支付",它从1893年开始被证实,最初是指电报。

Origin and meaning of collect

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Definitions of collect from WordNet
collect (v.)
get or gather together;
Synonyms: roll up / accumulate / pile up / amass / compile / hoard
collect (v.)
call for and obtain payment of;
we collected over a million dollars in outstanding debts
he collected the rent
Synonyms: take in
collect (v.)
assemble or get together;
Synonyms: gather / garner / pull together
collect (v.)
get or bring together;
Synonyms: pull in
collect (v.)
gather or collect;
Synonyms: pick up / gather up / call for
collect (n.)
a short prayer generally preceding the lesson in the Church of Rome or the Church of England;
collect (adv.)
make a telephone call or mail a package so that the recipient pays;
send a package collect
call collect
collect (adj.)
payable by the recipient on delivery;
the letter came collect
a collect call
Synonyms: cod