care (n.)

古英语 caru, cearu “忧伤, 焦虑, 悲痛”, 也是“心灵的负担; 严重的精神关注”, 在古英语晚期也是“忧虑, 焦虑引起的对邪恶的忧虑或许多负担的重量”, 来自于原日耳曼语 *karō “哀叹; 悲痛, 关怀” (来源也是古撒克逊语 kara “忧伤;” 古高德语 chara “哀号, 哀叹;” 哥特语 kara “忧伤, 烦恼, 关怀;” 德语 Karfreitag “耶稣受难日;” 见 care (v.) ).

意为“负责, 监督, 关注或注意, 以期安全或保护”, 从15世纪就有证据; 这是在 care of, 在地址(1840) 的意义. 意思是“关注的对象或事项” 来自1580年代. 对 take care of “拿在手里, 做” 是1580年代的; take care “小心” 也是1580年代的.

The primary sense is that of inward grief, and the word is not connected, either in sense or form, with L. cura, care, of which the primary sense is pains or trouble bestowed upon something. [Century Dictionary]

care (v.)

古英语 carian, cearian “焦急或索求; 悲伤; 感到关心或兴趣”, 来自于原日耳曼语 *karo- “哀叹”, 因此是“悲伤, 关心” (来源也是古撒克逊语 karon “哀叹, 关心, 悲伤, 抱怨”, 古高德语 charon “抱怨, 哀叹”, 哥特语 karon “焦急” ), 据说来自于PIE语根 *gar- “呼喊, 呼唤, 尖叫” (来源也是爱尔兰语 gairm “呼喊, 哭泣, 呼唤;” 见 garrulous).

如果是这样, 那么史前意义的发展就是从“哭” 到“哀叹” 再到“悲痛”. 相关的荷兰语 karig “scanty, frugal”, 德语 karg “吝啬, scanty”, 则代表了不同的意义演变. 认为它与拉丁文 cura. 正面意义, 如“有倾向性” (1550年代); “有喜爱” (1520年代) 似乎是后来发展起来的, 是早期负面意义的镜像.

not care 作为消极的否定词被证明是从13世纪中叶开始的, 短语 couldn't care less 是1946年的; could care less 在同样的意义上(有一个明白的否定词) 是1955年的. Care 也从1580年代开始在许多“冷漠的同义词” 中出现, 形式为 don't care a _____, 空白处由 fig, pin, button, cent, straw, rush, point, farthing, snap, 等等, 等等. 相关链接: Cared; caring.

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Definitions of care from WordNet
care (n.)
the work of providing treatment for or attending to someone or something;
no medical care was required
Synonyms: attention / aid / tending
care (n.)
judiciousness in avoiding harm or danger;
he handled the vase with care
care (n.)
an anxious feeling;
care had aged him
Synonyms: concern / fear
care (n.)
a cause for feeling concern;
his major care was the illness of his wife
care (n.)
attention and management implying responsibility for safety;
he is in the care of a bodyguard
care (n.)
activity involved in maintaining something in good working order;
he wrote the manual on car care
Synonyms: maintenance / upkeep
care (v.)
feel concern or interest;
I don't care
I really care about my work
care (v.)
provide care for;
Synonyms: give care
care (v.)
prefer or wish to do something;
Do you care to try this dish?
Synonyms: wish / like
care (v.)
be in charge of, act on, or dispose of;
Synonyms: manage / deal / handle
care (v.)
be concerned with;
Synonyms: worry