broad (adj.)

古英语 brad “宽而不窄”, 也有“平坦, 开阔, 延伸” 之意, 来自于原日耳曼语 *braidi- (也是古弗里斯兰语 bred, 古诺尔斯语 breiðr, 荷兰语 breed, 德语 breit, 哥特语 brouþs), 来源不明. 在日耳曼语言之外未见. 与 wide, 在意义上没有明显区别. 日子或日光的, 14世纪末; 语音或口音的, 1530年代. 相关链接: Broadly; broadness.

broad (n.)

14世纪, “广度” (过时), 出自 broad (adj.). 意为“河流在平坦的表面上扩张而形成的浅滩, 芦苇湖”, 是1650年代诺福克方言词. 意为“任何事物的广阔部分”, 到1741年.

俚语意义上的“女人” 到了1911年, 或许暗示着宽大的臀部, 但它也可能追溯到美国英语 abroadwife, 这个词指的是远离丈夫的女人(通常是奴隶). 最早使用这个俚语词暗示着不道德或粗俗, 低级的妇女. 由于这种负面的联想, 以及女子田径运动的兴起, 田径运动的 broad jump 1863年) 改为 long jump c. 1967年.

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Definitions of broad from WordNet
broad (adj.)
being at a peak or culminating point;
broad daylight
Synonyms: full
broad (adj.)
broad in scope or content; "a panoptic study of Soviet nationality"- T.G.Winner;
an invention with broad applications
Synonyms: across-the-board / all-embracing / all-encompassing / all-inclusive / blanket / encompassing / extensive / panoptic / wide
broad (adj.)
having great (or a certain) extent from one side to the other;
broad shoulders
a river two miles broad
a broad river
Synonyms: wide
broad (adj.)
not detailed or specific;
a broad rule
the broad outlines of the plan
Synonyms: unspecific
broad (adj.)
lacking subtlety; obvious;
gave us a broad hint that it was time to leave
Synonyms: unsubtle
broad (adj.)
very large in expanse or scope;
a broad lawn
Synonyms: spacious / wide
broad (adj.)
(of speech) heavily and noticeably regional;
a broad southern accent
broad (n.)
slang term for a woman;
a broad is a woman who can throw a mean punch
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